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Air New Zealand – Visit Boston


A trip to Boston might be the best way to capture the essence of the United States. Not only is there a wide variety of activities, eateries, and bars to explore, but Boston is a historically significant city where every building and street has a story to tell about America’s beginnings.

The winters in Boston are pretty cold and snowy, so you may want to plan your flight sometime between March and October. This way, you will get to enjoy the outdoor activities that make up a large part of exploring the city.

Your visit to Boston would be incomplete without discovering these areas:

  • Fenway Park – Watch the Red Sox play, and it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences you take away from Boston. The stadium was built over 100 years ago and joining the crowds at this historical place will give you authentic American vibes.
  • Freedom trail – The four km-long trail takes you through some of the most iconic Boston sites, including Paul Revere’s home and the Massacre site where a battle was fought in 1770. Starting at America’s oldest public park and ending at the Bunker Hill Monument, exploring the landmarks throughout this trail will likely take you a full day.
  • Harvard Square – Stroll through the prestigious Harvard University and view the exhibits at several unique museums located around the area. It also attracts street artists and performers, which are a delight to watch for pedestrians and tourists and add to the charm of Harvard Square. Guided tours are also offered here.
  • Fort Warren – Visit George’s Island via ferry and stroll through this fort built in 1833 during the Civil War. Today it is thought to be haunted, and it attracts both history buffs as well as tourists in search of a spook!
  • Food – There is a wide variety of unique foods you should try in Boston, but seafood, in particular, is a must-have when you’re visiting a harbor city. Legal Seafood offers world-class clam chowder you should try, while the lobster is another favorite. Maple-bacon donuts, brisket burgers, and J P Licks’ ice creams are just some of the fantastic eats that Boston has to offer.
  • Drinks – There are some ancient pubs and bars in Boston that are full of history and will serve you top-notch drinks. The Warren Tavern is one such place that even served Paul Revere. Don’t miss Durgin Park, where you can get some great craft beer. Green Dragon is another place running since 1714, while Doyle’s Café also has a museum showcasing Boston’s culture and history.

Air New Zealand can make flying to Boston extremely convenient by streamlining your travels. You can make your bookings online, and Air New Zealand will facilitate your passage from Auckland to Boston through alliance partners. Since there are transits involved in the journey, you can also include other US states in your bookings if you wish to visit different destinations on the way to Boston. This way, there will be no need for separate reservations, and you can ensure that fares and baggage allowances remain the same.



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