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Special meals on flights



Special Meals On Flights | ESTA New Zealand Blog


Air New Zealand accommodates various food preferences with its option to order special meals. You can request for a special meal on all long-haul flights as well as on some of the shorter ones to Australia, or the Pacific Islands. Orders for special meals can be made while booking your flight online. You can visit the Air New Zealand website and change your preferences up to 24 hours before your flight. You will get a regular meal from the airline’s menu if you don’t choose any special meal.

Here are the special meal options available on Air New Zealand:

  • Gluten Intolerant Meal – This meal may not be suitable if you are also dairy intolerant or have a gluten allergy. It will not contain any grains.
  • Vegetarian Meal – Fruits and vegetables make up this meal.
  • Lacto-ovo Vegetarian Meal – In addition to fruits and vegetables, you will also be offered eggs and dairy products.
  • Oriental Meal – This meal is vegetarian but prepared with Chinese recipes.
  • Jain Meal – Fruits and only vegetables that grow above ground.
  • Diabetic Meal – No or low sugar meals
  • Muslim Meal – Suitable for halal
  • Kosher Meal – Jewish customs are followed in its preparation, but a notice of four days is required
  • Child Meal – For kids who can eat solid foods
  • Baby Meal – while pureed infant food can be provided, it is recommended to travel with your baby’s preferred food.
  • Fruit Platter Meal
  • Low-fat Meal
  • Hindu Meal – Non-veg food with no beef
  • Hindu-vegetarian Meal – Fruits, vegetables and limited dairy use

All of these options are available for long haul flights as well as Business Premier bookings to Australia and the Islands. However, if you are travelling to the latter via Premium Economy or Economy class, only the Diabetic Meal, Gluten-free Meal, Child Meal, and Vegetarian Meal from the special meals will be available.

Domestic Flights

Flights within New Zealand are all quite short, so meals are not provided. Instead, you will be given light snacks, coffee, tea, and mineral water. For Koru Hour Flights, there are some extra snacks available since the flight durations are longer than 50 minutes. You will get a cookie or muffin in morning flights, while you can choose from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during evening flights.

Bring Your Own Food

Air New Zealand has no problem with passengers bringing along their own food in case there is nothing in the regular or special meals that is suitable for you. Just make sure the items you bring will not go against airport security rules. The food you bring cannot be refrigerated or heated during travel. Lastly, make sure to either finish it or leave the remainders with the flight attendants because you are unlikely to get them past border security.


People are most commonly allergic to peanuts, so they are not served on Air New Zealand’s flights, but they can be brought on-board by other passengers. Travellers can have all sorts of allergies, so it is best to carry your own food and drinks if you have a serious problem. You can also have a look at the menu when you book your flight to decide whether the food is safe for your consumption. Never forget to take the medicine you have been prescribed for your allergies along on your flight.



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