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Munich Airport declared Europe’s best airport in 2019



Munich Airport Declared Europe’s Best Airport in 2019


Munich’s airport has a long-standing reputation as a high-quality hub for global travel. Recently, it was yet again recognized as one of the world’s most outstanding airports in Skytrax 2019 annual rankings. This year, it was once again crowned “Europe’s Best Airport.”

Among the many unique reasons to love Munich’s airport travelers are quick to mention its mini-golf course, notorious punctuality, speedy and free Wi-Fi, and ease of access. The airport even boasts its very own brewery as well as a traditional Christmas market and ice rink.

2019 Passenger Terminal EXPO

At the 2019 Passenger Terminal EXPO in London, the airport’s Project Management Division leaders Torsten Marheineke and Fabiola Pfauser were thrilled to once again accept the award for “Europe’s Best Airport”. However, the merit of accolade is nothing new for the Bavarian hub; In the past fourteen years, the Munich airport has been named the best in Europe on twelve occasions collectively.

Skytrax Global Ranking

This year the airport was also honored in Skytrax newest global ranking, “World’s Best Airport”. Out of more than 500 airports covered in the extensive passenger surveys, Munich’s ranked seventh overall—making it the highest-placing out of only three other European airports.

In the global category, the Munich airport was preceded only by prestigious hubs such as Singapore’s Changi Airport, Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Incheon International Airport, Hamad International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, and Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Skytrax determines its ratings through a rigorous analysis of airport quality. In formulating the rankings, the highly esteemed UK-based consultancy conducts a global survey of passengers from over 100 countries.

Using detailed metrics and in-depth analysis, a comprehensive and multi-faceted ranking of more than 550 airports is created. Each year, the top-ranking hubs are named during the World Airport Awards.

In addition to the awards received by the Munich in 2019 and previous years, the airport has also earned an esteemed Skytrax 5-star status. The rating is based on a comprehensive study of more than 500 airport aspects. A few key criteria include processing efficiency, terminal comfortability, overall cleanliness, quality of staff services, seating comfortability, power options, WiFi capabilities, the presence and efficiency of help desks, the variety of restaurants, and many more.

Of more than 500 hubs included in the Skytrax surveys, only these 12 highly-esteemed airports have exhibited the qualities necessary to claim the rating. In 2015, Munich became the latest addition to the 5-star list.

Beyond its global and European rankings, Munich also placed third in the “World’s Best Terminal” category for the excellent design and facilities present in the airport’s Terminal 2. In the category for airport hotels, Hilton Munich Airport scored second in Europe and fourth worldwide, proving itself an international hub warranting accolade on all fronts.

Moving forward, the Munich airport is expected to continue delivering high-quality flight experiences with the best passenger facilities possible. Among other renovations and improvements, Munich plans to improve the check-in experience for Terminal 1 in an effort to continually adapt and optimize its services to best meet passengers needs and expectations.

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