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Air New Zealand’s Koru Program


If you are a frequent traveller both within New Zealand and abroad, you may want to consider getting a Koru membership for various travel benefits. Air New Zealand offers memberships for individuals, seniors over 65 years of age as well as organizations.

Seniors are eligible for discounted rates, while corporate members can also get discounts if 10 or more employees are joining the Koru program. You can either use your Airpoints to pay the membership fee or make payments through your credit card. Availing all the benefits is made more accessible by the fact that your Koru membership number will be the same as your Airpoints number.

Here are all the benefits available to Koru members:

  • Priority Check-ins – There are special check-in counters in Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington airports that make things convenient for Air New Zealand Koru members. Boarding calls are also prioritized for Koru members along with those who have Gold and Elite memberships.
  • Lounge access – Exclusive lounges that allow you to enjoy a quiet space while you wait. Air New Zealand lounges and some partner lounges are accessible around the world as long as you keep your Koru membership card with you. You can also bring a companion along if they are traveling on the same flight as you. However, if you regularly travel with two companions, it may be advisable to obtain a Guest Card for their lounge access as only one can be accommodated on a complimentary basis.
  • Baggage benefits – In addition to the usual number of bags allowed with on your Air New Zealand ticket, you are granted an extra bag of up to 23 kg as a Koru member. Priority baggage service is also provided where possible. Check your baggage allowance to make sure how much is allowed with your fare.
  • Frequent flyer seats – this seating is available on Air New Zealand carriers and is accessible if you have used your Airpoints account and number when making online reservations.
  • Fast bag – This perk can make domestic flights extremely convenient as you can take your bag (up to 15kg) to the carrier door and pick it up from the same place when you land.
  • Priority bookings – Always enter your Airpoints/Koru membership number while making reservations, and you will be given higher priority.
  • Koru insurance cover – Only Gold, Elite, and Koru members who are New Zealand nationals are eligible to purchase this insurance cover. It covers children less than 21 years old and is applicable for all countries you travel to. On getting this insurance, you will also get 50 Airpoints Dollars.
  • Email correspondence – Koru members can opt to receive exclusive emails that might let you avail retail offers or win Koru prizes.
  • Alliance partner benefits – Some of these benefits are also available when you travel on Air New Zealand partners including United Airlines, Air China, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines. For instance, all partners allow access to their lounges.

A joining fee is applicable to begin your Koru membership with options to get one, two, or five-year memberships. For frequent flyers, a one-time payment can bring a world of convenience every time you travel, because each Koru member benefit helps make your travels go more smoothly.



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