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How to book flights from New Zealand to the US



How to book flights from New Zealand to the US


When traveling from New Zealand to the United States by plane, your priority should be making sure you have the necessary documents required for entry into the US, most importantly, a visa. Allow yourself plenty of time to obtain essential travel documents before traveling.

Citizens of New Zealand wishing to know more about United States rules, regulations, and government policies are encouraged to visit the US government website. On the site, you will find much of the travel information you need regarding United States visas, passports, and other pertinent travel rules and guidelines. In addition to travel document information, you will also find safety and security alerts, potential health precautions, and vaccinations required before traveling. The site also offers steps you should take in notifying your financial institutions of your trip as well as customs and import restrictions. The website provides a lot of information as well as checklists to help you with your travel plans.

Visitors of the United States are required to have a visa. However, citizens of New Zealand can apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) if he/she wishes to waive the required visa requirement. Keep in mind, however, that without a visa, and only using the ESTA, a traveler’s stay must not be longer than ninety days.

Airports and airline offerings

There are several airports you can fly out of when traveling from New Zealand to the US. While there are many available options, the largest and most popular airports are Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, and Dunedin. Many airlines offer service from New Zealand to the United States: Philippine, Air China, Qantas Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin Australia, LATAM Airlines, Air New Zealand all offer international flights to the US, with Qantas offering the most flight options. Depending on how many stops are required by your plane and the location of your US destination, this international trip ranges in time from 12.5 – 32 hours.

Flight costs

Prices for an international flight to the United States range from $650 for to more than $3,000, so you may want to consider doing a good deal of research when considering which airline and airport you prefer. The closer you fly to the west coast, the less expensive the flight. Airport amenities, travel times, and transport options to and from the airport may also be considerations when researching your preferred airline.

Airport options

Auckland International Airport is the busiest international airport in New Zealand. The airport is located at the northern tip of New Zealand and is 13 miles south of the Auckland city center, the airport services more than 70% of New Zealand’s international air passenger arrivals and departures. Arrival at the airport is not difficult as a traveler can get to the airport via car, public transport (SkyBus express bus or 380 Airporter), rental cars and even by bicycle as several cycling routes connect the airport to surrounding suburbs. To view more information about this airport, visit the Auckland Airport website.

Christchurch International Airport is another large airport and is located in central New Zealand. It is 7.5 miles northwest of the city center and was New Zealand’s first international airport, opening in 1950. The airport offers 58 check-in counters in addition to self-service kiosks. There is a large parking area for travelers choosing to drive themselves to the airport in addition to using public transport city buses, taxi and shuttle companies and Uber, which has a designated pickup and drop-off area.

Wellington International Airport, although the smaller of the three, offers international flights as well. However, flight offerings are minimal due to the short length of the airport’s runway. Transport to the airport is limited. Many taxi and shuttle companies serve Wellington as well as two Metlink bus routes.

Booking your flight

The simplest way to compare available flights and pricing is to research available travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, and CheapOair. Of course, there are many other available sites to utilize when booking your flight from New Zealand to the United States, but these sites offer comprehensive travel planning, including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

All in all, many airports in New Zealand offer international travel, so a traveler’s options are not limited. No matter the area you are traveling from in New Zealand, you are sure to find an airport accommodating both your flight and travel needs.

You may need an ESTA to visit the United States. Visit our ESTA homepage for more information.

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