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Frankfurt Airport - Departures to the United States



Frankfurt Airport - Departures to the United States


Situated 12 kilometers from Frankfurt city, Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports, with a capacity of handling 50 million passengers a year. It is well connected to other parts of the country and US-bound travelers can easily access it by bus, train, car and taxi. You can book a parking space if you plan to leave your car at the airport while you travel to the United States.

There are two terminals here, which are linked through shuttle buses and Skyline monorail, both free of charge. There is also a separate terminal exclusively for Lufthansa passengers who are travelling first-class. The SKY Lounge in T2 and the LUXX Lounge in T1 are available for waiting passengers for a fee, in addition to the airline lounges provided by Cathay Pacific and Air France in T2.

The departure gate is quite far from check-in, and if you have trouble walking you can request assistance for reaching the place. The duration of direct flights from Frankfurt to New York or Frankfurt to Washington is about 9 hours and 15 minutes. The majority of flights going to these US cities every day belong to United Airlines and Lufthansa, but others are offering this route as well including Singapore Airlines and Delta. US-bound flights are operational on both terminals.

Terminal 1:

Some of the airlines accessible from Terminal 1 are: Lufthansa, United, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air India and Air China along with many more. However, it is mostly used by the Lufthansa group for flights all over the world.

Terminal 1 has four levels and can often be confusing for passengers. The first level is for arrivals, the second for departures. You can get various facilities and services on the third level while food and drink options are available on the fourth level.

Terminal 2:

T2 is divided into two levels. Airlines accessed from Terminal 2 include, among others: American Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air France, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Air Europa. There are very few options for shopping, food or other facilities in Terminal 2, and waiting for boarding can get boring here. You can go to level four on Terminal 1 for better eatery choices and other amenities. Those traveling with kids can help pass waiting times at the play areas built in both terminals.

However, despite catering to such a large volume of passengers each year, the design of Frankfurt Airport, particularly the oldest Terminal 1, is pretty outdated. Terminal 3 is now under construction to enhance customer experience and make this airport modern, state-of-the-art and easier to navigate for travelers. There will also be greater shopping and eatery options in the new space, and the aim is to make it Europe’s most advanced terminal upon completion.

For more information and a hassle-free experience at the Frankfurt Airport, download their Airport app so you know your way around the place when you need to depart on your trip to the US.

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