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Frankfurt Airport's Best Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés



Frankfurt Airport's Best Restaurants, Bars, and Cafés


With constant construction and expansion aside, the Frankfurt Airport is already a massive maze of bus terminals, hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. While its monstrous size makes it a nightmare for those running late to catch their flight, it’s a practical dream for travellers looking to relax and wind down during a long layover.

Travellers finding themselves laid over in Frankfurt’s massive airport will have plenty to explore and enjoy. With so many bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a great spot for a coffee, authentic German beer, or a great meal. To help narrow your choices, here are a few of Frankfurt Airport’s best establishments. For more information and help finding your way around, visit the Frankfurt Airport website for maps, guides, and other information.

Terminal 1

Kuffler & Bucher

Kuffler & Bucher is the perfect place to lounge and daydream. With plenty of window seats and a sitting area that invites relaxation, this restaurant offers up classic German cuisine with international influences. It’s an ideal place to catch a light breakfast, grab a sandwich, or chow down on some gourmet ice cream. For those seeking a cold beverage, the restaurant also serves a decent selection of classic German beers.


With plenty of options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Kaefer’s offers a wide range of German classics from goulash soup to wiener schnitzel. It’s a bistro-style establishment that’s great for people watching and passing the time. It’s also conveniently located next to the boarding area, which makes it an ideal place to grab a beer and a bite to eat while you wait for your gate to open.


Yuna is a casual spot offering up a vast array of asian food ranging from curries to sushi. With a focus on health, Yuna prides itself in using all fresh, wholesome ingredients. Its casual food-court-style dining area is a great place to grab a quick meal before boarding, and is a sure-spot for anyone craving something fast and tasty.

Deli Bros

Deli Bros has all the flavor of a classic New York deli with the flare of German cuisine. Using high-quality ingredients, the restaurant offers up hearty sandwiches with rich flavor as well as a selection of wines. If you enjoy your meal at Deli Bros, you might consider taking a browse around the restaurants attached shop, which can ship fine foods and wine worldwide.

Caffe Kimbo

With its bold flavour and classic traditional taste, Caffe Kimbo is one of Italy’s most prominent coffee roasters. Its Frankfurt Airport location is its very first concept store in Europe. Besides its delicious Italian pastries and baked goods, Kimbo is known especially for fresh Italian espresso. What makes Kimbo unique is that the coffee is brewed in front of the customer, in a traditional Neapolitan flip pot, and served up fresh and piping hot. The store also offers a modest assortment of traditional Italian snacks.

Terminal 2


Those looking for a taste of authentic Italian food will love Amo. Located in area D, Amo is a semi-casual Italian restaurant that doesn’t make customers choose between worry-free table service and a prompt meal. With an open-design kitchen, customers enjoy watching their pizza made freshly in front of them by the restaurants skilled chefs.

24 Bar & Bistro

With a straightforward and casual atmosphere, 24 Bar & Bistro is a good spot to grab a quick beer or snack before boarding your flight. If you want to get a taste of classic German brews but you don’t have time to leave the airport, 24 Bar has you covered with a considerable offering of the country’s best beers. For a quick pick-me-up, the establishment also offers quality coffee.


Open twenty-four hours, Ludwigs is a great spot to grab a bite no matter the time. With a sleek, modern ambiance, this restaurant focuses on delivering German cuisine with a home-cooked flavor. The establishments comfortable seating and well-lit, open dining area also makes for a relaxing place to wind down and relax before takeoff.


Located in area D of terminal 2, VITO is a Mediterranean restaurant that prides itself in using premium olive oils, salt, fresh garlic, and other high-quality ingredients. A few fan favorites from VITO’s menu include its pizza and pasta, which are both carefully constructed using a unique twist of classic Italian tradition and contemporary creativity. The restaurant has a casual, yet sleek dining area with plenty of seating for individuals or families alike.

Asia Snack Box

Located just outside the arrivals area in terminal 2, Asia Snack Box is a small restaurant that offers some of Germany’s most authentic Thai cuisine. As a favorite of both locals and travellers alike, customers rave especially about the restaurant’s duck dishes, pad thai, and beef noodles. The dining area at Asia Snack Box isn’t as modern or cozy as some of the airport’s larger restaurants, but what it lacks in ambiance it makes up for with sheer, authentic flavor at extremely reasonable prices.

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