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Guidelines for flying with children and infants



Air New Zealand’s Guidelines for Flying with Children and Infants


Flying is a stressful process on its own; add young children to the mix, and it can quickly become a complicated mess. Regardless of the airline, you’re flying with; you’ll need to check beforehand and confirm that you’re following the airline’s guidelines regarding children and infants. Those travelling with Air New Zealand specifically will want to be aware of the airlines' specific rules and guidelines.

Reduced or Waived Rates for Children and Infants

As a service to their customers, Air New Zealand generally does not charge a full adult fare for children travelling on their airlines. That said, a ticket of some sort (whether discounted, total fare, or complimentary) is always necessary.

If you are flying internationally or outside of the Pacific, children 11 and under will likely qualify for a child fare. Generally speaking, this is 75% of whatever your fare (the adult fare) is priced. Unfortunately, child fare rates are not offered on New Zealand domestic flight or those on Tasman or Pacific flights.

If your child is under the age of 2 and your flight is a domestic NZ flight, the flight fare is waived entirely. Otherwise, infants travelling on international flights will be required to pay a reduced rate of 10% of the adult fare in order to fly.

Flying with Someone Else’s Child

If you’re travelling with someone else’s child, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the appropriate documents to prove the parent or legal guardian has given consent to the trip. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble with border authorities. Generally speaking, you should carry a consent document that’s signed by the child’s guardian and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

When travelling specifically from a French Territory, additional documents are necessary. Minors crossing the border are required to have written consent from their parents, their passport, a signed permit to travel form, and a photocopy of an identity document.

Approved Car Seats and Restraints

Children who are seven years old or younger are permitted to use a car seat as a restraint during the flight if it meets Air New Zealand’s safety and design requirements. These entail that the seat is in good working condition, approved commercially for use in an automobile, fixed with a built-in restraint system or a seat belt, and appropriately designed for your child’s weight.

To be permitted aboard, the car seat must also meet the measurement standards of being less than 43cm wide. Additionally, the car seat must fall under the maximum height allowance of 48cm for rear-facing designs and 65cm for those who are forward-facing.

Outside of car seats, travellers on Air New Zealand flights are also permitted to use approved alternatives including the CARES child restraint system and the MERU TravelChair. However, be aware that Business Premier seats have airbags and cannot accommodate either the CARES system or MERU TravelChair.

Lastly, take note that all equipment— whether car seat, restraint system, or other seating devices— are required to be aviation certified. Non-aviation certified equipment, such as Fly-Tot, JETKIDS Bedbox, and LegsUp leg hammock are all banned on Air New Zealand aircraft for the safety of the passenger.

Air New Zealand’s Inflight Bassinets

In some cases, Air New Zealand can offer bassinets to those travelling with infants to maximize the comfort of both passenger and baby. These bassinets fix to the seat in front of the accompanying passenger and are intended for infants who are eight months old or younger and weight 26 lbs (or 11.8kg).

Bassinets are offered on international flights, and only when travelling on select planes including the Boeing 777-200, 777-300, and 787-9 aircraft. Travellers should note that even on these select aircrafts, not all seats have bassinet options.

When purchasing the flight online, you can opt to have a bassinet by selecting a seat with the bassinet icon. Otherwise, it is sometimes possible to secure a bassinet seat when checking in with Air New Zealand at the airport before your flight.

Travelling with a Stroller or Pram

When travelling with children on any Air New Zealand flight, you’ll be permitted to take a pram or stroller at no additional charge. If your stroller is a portable model with a collapsible frame and you’re flying on either the 777-300, 777-200, 787-9 or A320 domestic aircrafts, it can likely be accommodated in the plane’s overhead locker.

Otherwise, you’ll need to check your pram or stroller before boarding due to limited locker space. This service comes at no additional charge, even if the flight fare does not include checked baggage.

Feeding Your Child or Infant During the Flight

When travelling with an infant, Air New Zealand passengers are welcome to bring along any baby food or feeding equipment in their carry-on luggage. Air New Zealand flights are also a safe space for breastfeeding, which can occur at any time, including takeoff and landing. In fact, breastfeeding your infant at these times proves useful in equalizing the pressure in your infant’s ears.

Additionally, although cabin crew is incapable of sterilising bottles, any member of Air New Zealand’s inflight staff will be happy to prepare, heat, and wash your infant’s bottle as needed.

Children’s meals with portions suitable for those two years and older are offered on all of New Zealand’s long-haul flights as well as those flying under The Works, Works Deluxe, Premium Economy, and Business Premier status.

Meals must be booked in advance; if your child has dietary needs, pre-order a special meal through Air New Zealand’s contact centre. Unfortunately, Air New Zealand is unable to provide children’s meals on domestic journeys.

Onboard Entertainment for Kids

For the comfort of the children and the sanity of their parents, each international Air New Zealand flight offers kids activities packs on international flights. Inflight entertainment is also available and features plenty of kids’ movies, TV programmes, games, and other media geared towards kids.


Source: Air New Zealand


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