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Baggage Information (Carry-on and Checked) | ESTA New Zealand Blog


Knowing exactly what to pack and how much you can take with you on your Air New Zealand flight can save you from a world of inconvenience at the airport. It is important to know what is allowed for your carry-on baggage and how much checked-in baggage is included in your fare.

Carry-on Baggage

The size of your carry-on bag must be a maximum of 46.5 inches (118cm), calculated by adding up the measurements of the bag’s height, length, and width.

For Economy fares, one bag of this size and one small object such as a laptop or handbag can be taken aboard. A maximum weight of 15lb (7kg) is allowed.

For Business Premier and Premium Economy, you can take two bags for carry-on in addition to a small item. The weight allowed on these fares can be a total of up to 30lb (14kg). The maximum weight acceptable for a single bag is 22lb (10kg).

If you are carrying more than the allowed weight, you can do one of a few things. You could pay for the excess weight, take some things out and add them to your checked luggage, or add another bag to your checked-in baggage buy purchasing an extra bag.

If you are traveling on a Seat-only fare, your booking can easily be changed to include checked-in baggage.

Checked-in Baggage

Your e-ticket will show how much baggage you are allowed to check-in. The maximum size of your bag can be 62 inches (158cm) after adding the height, width, and length measurements. The maximum weight of one checked-in bag can be up to 50lb (23kg).

Use the Baggage Allowance Calculator to figure out how much weight is allowed for your particular fare, but see here for a general overview of allowances according to tier and fare.

If you have more than the allowed limit, one option is to pay for the excess weight at the airport. A total of 70lb (32kg) extra weight will be allowed. However, it will cost less if you get an extra prepaid bag in advance instead of paying at the airport. This option must be availed at least 30 minutes before your flight if you are flying domestically, or 90 minutes before an international flight.

If your bags are too large and still weigh more than the maximum allowed after paying for excess baggage (70lb), you can choose to consign it under unaccompanied baggage which will not be aboard the Air New Zealand carrier that flies you to your destination. The extra baggage will be sent as cargo, and a baggage service fee will be applicable.

The baggage allowance for children is the same as adults. However, only a carry-on is allowed for infants, and no checked-in bag is permitted. A car seat is allowed provided it is aviation certified. Strollers can also be brought as a carry-on if they are small enough, otherwise, you can place them with the rest of your checked-in baggage. Strollers and car seats are allowed even if your fare is carry-on only and there will not be any additional charges.



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